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You can be the difference in the life of a child.


Changing a child's life starts with you.

Volunteering with CISofHR means you’ll be working closely with a team of passionate and dedicated people who are working hard to make a difference. 

Volunteer Opportunities


At one of our sites or virtually, you would be offering individual or small group attention. Engaging children in enjoyable experiences with literature — writing, reading and listening. helping children feel successful by giving positive feedback and support. Helping with homework in ways that extend children’s understanding and interest.


You would be paired with a CIS of HR student. You would establish and bolster your Mentees’ social support structures. Deterring your Mentee from partaking in illicit endeavors. Providing guidance, advice, feedback, and  support to the mentee. Serve variously as a role model, teacher, counselor, advisor, sponsor, advocate, and/or ally,  depending on the specific goals and objectives negotiated with the mentee. Submit periodic Mentorship reports.

After School Programming

At one of our sites or virtually, you would assist the Site Coordinator with after school programming ranging from homework, projects, parties, group session, etc.


At one of our events or virtually (if avail), you would assist the Development Director and or Marketing Director with tasks related to the event, day of and/or before. Various duties include decorating, making phone calls, creating graphics, etc. Event volunteers assist on the event day for set-up, guest assistance and registration or clean up. Volunteers may also choose to be involved in event planning


At our main office or virtually (if avail), you would assist the Executive Team with administrative tasks. Although you may only be asked to help a couple days a week, your support is invaluable because you’ll be helping to keep the office fully stocked and fully functioning. Various duties could be anything from booking meetings to dealing with public inquiries and data entry.

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