Student success is defined as the processes that are most likely to lead to positive student outcomes. @CISofHR ‘s wrap around approach delivers just that! #studentsuccess
Sunset joined the Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads program her sophomore year at Hampton High School. She was a chronic walker of the halls, lacked motivation and frequently skipped the majority of her classes. Before her introduction to CISofHR, Sunset lacked direction and purpose and had a 1.8 GPA. She was frequently in the dean’s office or placed in in-school-suspension for skipping. When she was connected with her first CISofHR site coordinator, she began to realize that the world was not against her and she had a trusted adult in her corner. The CISofHR office became her safe haven, a place where she would go to get away when the stresses of school was too much. It was in the office that she began to share the stories of trauma that she had experienced in her adolescence such as domestic violence and suicidal ideations. The site coordinator paired her with a CISofHR board member as a mentor with a similar story. Her involvement with CISofHR also included mental health support, group support, and academic support. Sunset’s classroom attendance increased,  her negative behaviors decreased and she eventually made the honor roll. Sunset transformed from being in the dean’s office  for skipping to being on the Dean’s List for good grades. Sunset graduated in 2020 with a 3.8 GPA and was awarded a full academic scholarship to a local college a few hours from Hampton. She now FaceTimes her CISofHR site coordinator and CISofHR board member mentor regularly with updates. Sunset’s story makes me as a site coordinator realize that my role is crucially important for students to progress academically and emotionally through school. We as site coordinators do whatever it takes to ensure all kids have the relationships, support, and resources to thrive in and beyond the classroom.

Lathaniel Kirts
Hampton High School 
Site Coordinator