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​​When I first met Tyuan Terry, an 8th grader at Ruffner Academy, I noticed that he was one student that I would always see in the hallways. He was a student that had such a presence about him that many teachers and students would not bother him. He would spend time roaming the school when he was bored in class. When we first met, I asked him why he was in the halls and asked if I could help him. I was not sure he believed that I could be of assistance. However, we ended up talking in my office anyway. Over time he would come to my office and eventually would join my caseload. The year before I took his case, he had been suspended five times and had low grades in his classes, with a D in math. He also had a history of missing some days of school. The missing days were due to issues at home and a lack of a way to get to school. I knew that it would be a difficult time making a complete change, but I wanted to prove that anything would be possible for him if he put in the work. We sat down and had a heart to heart about all the issues that were preventing him from being successful, issues as teachers, medication, and family. Over that school year, I started seeing a change in his character after he attended social lunch groups with me. He was a leader and worked with other students to show them right from wrong. It was amazing to see him be a force for change and even encouraging others to respect other teachers and school rules. He decreased the amount of time he roamed the halls. We noticed his grades were improving. By the end of the year, Tyuan became one of the well-known student leaders at school. He improved and had only been suspended once in the whole school year. That’s an improvement. He is one of my favorite success stories because there were so many obstacles that could have hindered his success, but he persevered. He was so happy when he graduated from middle school, and he thanked me for being there for him during the school year. I will never forget Tyuan Terry, nor will I forget the potential that he has.

​Mr. Joseph Jones
Ruffner Academy Site Coordinator


Tyuan and his Site Coordinator Mr. Jones