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The CouponBirds team launched the Seedling Project to help children-focused nonprofits to raise funds from the CouponBirds user community.

For years, CouponBirds has provided scholarships to support college students from different countries and hope to be able to support more children in better ways. With nonprofit organizations like CISofHR joining in, a large number of CouponBirds users can contribute and do something good to change the world in such an easy way.

Use CouponBirds to support
Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads

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Neighborhood Assistance Program -

Education (NAP-E) Tax Credits

When available, donations over $500.00 may qualify for Neighborhood Assistance Program – Education (NAP-E) Tax Credits from the Commonwealth of Virginia. These tax credits can offset your state tax liability significantly (How NAP-E Credits Work). To learn whether the possible tax advantages of NAP-E Credits are right for you, we suggest that you speak with your accountant or tax planner. To take advantage of potential NAP-E credits for your Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads donation:

  • Contact CISofHR at 757-334-2315 or to check on NAP-E tax credit availability.
  • Print out, fill out, sign, and return the required Contribution Notification Form by mail to Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads, PO BOX 7784, Portsmouth, VA 23707. The state requires a signed original form, photocopies or scanned and emailed version are not acceptable.
  • Make your donation by check or online. If made online, check the NAP-E eligible donation box.
Give Local 757! - May 10, 2022

What is Give Local 757! and how does it work?

Give Local 757 is an annual online fundraising event hosted by the Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) to raise money, awareness and capacity for local nonprofits. It is an innovative initiative that connects citizens to local causes and engages the Hampton Roads region in philanthropy. To date, over 21,000 citizens have participated and contributed more than $1.8 million to hundreds of local causes. For 24 hours, you can make a donation using the “Give Local” site.

*The minimum donation is $10.

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Other Ways To Support CISofHR

Your tax-deductible gift to CIS of HR will help connect students in need with caring adults, community resources, and support systems to keep them in school and on track to graduation. When provided with one-on-one support, 99% of our most at-risk kids stay in school. Studies across the board show that high school graduates contribute more to the economic well-being of a community. Help our community by starting with the children.

You can contribute with confidence. Worth Magazine declared Communities In Schools as one of the top 100 nonprofits most likely to save the world, not only because of our results with children and families, but also because of our cost effectiveness and efficiency in leveraging resources.